Angel  Hair pumpkin and amaretti croquettes

A pot for deep frying

300-400gm of fresh angel hair pasta dried


For the croquettes

50gm of butter

200ml of water

70gm of wholemeal flour

30gm of chick pea flour

2 eggs


amaretti busicuts cushed  300gms

Butter Pumpkin  500gm

Sage 5 leaves plus extra for garnish

 Garlic 2 cloves

Olive oil and 50gm of butter

Salt and pepper

Parmesan grated 100-150 gms

Tallegio 80 gms

Cream 130 mls


Step 1

Peel and cut the pumpkin in 2 cm cubes , place in a saucepan with olive oil , butter , garlic and sage , salt and gently start cook down the pumpkin until very soft .

Place in a colinder and cool




Step 2

For the choux .

Place water and butter in a small pot, as the water starts to come to the boil start to rain in the dry ingredients stir these in, and cook out until it comes away from the sides allow to cool and then beat in 1 egg at a time and set aside.

 Step 3 with a fork puree the pumkin . MiX  in  a 1/3 of choux  with the pumpkin keeping in mind to taste so not to loose the flavour of the pumkin when  you have a consistency of a mash potato add parmesan to taste and season well

Step 4

For the cheese sauce warm the cream and tallegio to melt and keep warm

Step 5

To crumb

In 2 separate plates

Place the  amaretti biscuit in 1 plate and put the angel hair in another

Spoon a tablespoon of mixture in the amaretti , coat and then press in the angel hair.l 

Make a few and fry until golden brown  serve with the tallegio sauce and garnish with fried sage leaves